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Oak is Keeping is the outcome of mixing guttural guitars with astral harmonies and brash lyrical content, dealing with everything from murder to dirty stuff. The mixture produces a rock & roll sound that has been compared to the likes of other Texas rock establishments like ...Trail of the Dead, Toadies, and the Sword. Oak is Keeping has been playing around Texas and surrounding area for over a year now, all while recording songs for their 2009 debut album, Animal Style - an album full of big guitar harmonies, driving rythms, flowing bass lines, and haunting melodies.

Oak is Keeping started out like a lot of bands do, with two friends and an idea. Shay Isdale (Lead Vocal/Guitar) and Mastin Kirksey (Drums) first met in San Marcos, TX while attending Texas State University. They first hit the stage together in early 2002 with the noise-rock outfit Plinko, who managed to record an EP and play with national touring acts like the Burden Brothers and Vallejo. During this time, Zac Bogart (Guitar/Vocals) and Adam Keeling (Bass/Vocals) were making names for themselves as big-time session players in Seattle, WA, playing and releasing albums with many notable Northwest musicians including Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Greg Kepplinger, Ann Wilson (Heart), the Clevers, and the Wakefields to name a few.

In 2007, after a long period of honing his writing skills, Shay was ready to entertain the idea of starting a band once more. He reunited with Mastin, and just as if they had not missed a beat, they started making music again; this time focused and more mature. They settled on the name "Dead Leaves", and started their search for the perfect lineup, while recording the band's first demos. It turned out that the name "Dead Leaves" was already in use by another mid-west butt-rock band who threatened litigation, so Shay and Mastin chose a new name from their favorite Robert Frost poem, Reluctance, and Oak is Keeping was born.

In 2008, Zac Bogart and Adam Keeling joined the band after recently moving to Austin, both from Seattle in search of new musical opportunities and better weather. They lived on the same block in Seattle, and were both successful musicians in their own right, but somehow they had never made acquaintance. It's almost like the stars lined up, and everything had fallen into place (thanks Craigslist!). The completed Oak is Keeping lineup immediately started pouring all of their free time into the studio, making weekly trips to Nebulost Productions to create their debut album.

In late 2009, Oak is Keeping released ANIMAL STYLE, their first full-length studio album. Since, they have been busy playing shows and getting the word out about their unique brand of rock music. Not only can you find their album in most stores around Austin, you can also find it through any digital distribution outlet in the Universe. To stay up to date on the latest Oak is Keeping news, merchandise, and shows, sign up for our email newsletter and keep perusing www.oakiskeeping.com.

Oak is Keeping has been featured in Austin INsite Magazine, the Daily Texan, the Austin Chronicle and the Austin Statesman. Last year, OiK was selected as one of 10 bands to compete for the title of Airwalk's Unsigned Hero, a band competition for unsigned artists put on by SPIN magazine and Airwalk. Oak is Keeping has also been the featured artist on dozens of killer blogs, just google "Oak is Keeping" and see what you get. They get played on Austin radio stations 93.7-FM, 101.5-FM, and 90.1-FM, and have been interviewed on the 101X Morning Show with Jason & Deb (more than once, thanks J&D!), as well as 93.7's Local Licks with Loris Lowe. OiK had a very busy SXSW 2010 and they are generating quite the buzz around the Austin music scene.


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  • Dead Leaves EP - 2007
    A collection of demos from the begining of Oak is Keeping. Includes the original version of the song "So Sweet".

  • MurderDEATHKill EP - 2008
    OiK refined & defined. Heavy. This EP brought the world "How We Treat Girls" for the first time.

  • Animal Style - 2009
    Oak is Keeping's first full-length, studio album.

    click here to listen